Well, we finally got to the last session of the year, so we finished with the traditional tournament!  Team captains were Matt, Simon and Coaches Chris & Suzy.  Last week we found a size 2 futsal ball, so to really test the players we thought we would use this!  The Teams were:

Suzy’s – Harley, Aiden, Katie and Izac

Simon’s – Matilde, Harry, Ruby and James H.

Matthew’s – Leon, James (Brother), Jacob and Matthew.

Chris’s – Abbi, Sam, Kimberly, Phoebe ‘Bob’ and Reece – they had 6 players as Coach Chris is old!

The games were 12 minutes under a constant clock.  The matches were brilliant to watch with some excellent futsal being played.  After each team had played each other it was a tie with Simon, Chris and Matthew’s team all winning two games.

We finished the year with some 3 minute constant clock games, which were seriously fast and furious!  Shots were flying in from every angle and players giving their absolute all, brilliant to watch.

We are never sure what to expect when we start a new school year of futsal, but this group have been outstanding.  We have had a few hiccups along the way, but the last few weeks have been great fun.

We start back again on Monday 15 January 2018, as the first Monday back is a teacher training day.  Thank you to all the players for all their hard work, lets hope for the same next year!

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