With it being the last session before Christmas and the last one of the year, we decided to have a bit of fun with a few challenges.

With the younger group we did some ball challenges.  First, we started with the number of toe taps the players could do in 30 seconds, followed by side steps.  We then moved on to a shooting game, in which the players had 4 balls on halfway, they had to run, back heal a ball, and then go and score against Kimberly in goal, before running back and get the next ball, all against the clock.  Finally, we finished with a bit of a coconut shy – with 4 balls placed on cones, the players had to knock the balls off with passes from the 10 metre mark.  Needless to say, all the girls were very competitive and they all wanted to win.  All of them did amazing with some excellent footwork.

Click here to see the images from the night’s session

We have been so impressed by this group and their techniques are fantastic.  We have such high hopes for them going forward and hope we can keep them together, this will be an amazing team!

The older group were challenged with a few silly warm ups, a bit of a game of ‘Chris Says’, in which Coach Chris continually changed his mind on the exercise or direction to run in!  The players got really confused at times, great fun to watch.

In the week Coach Chris found a size 2 futsal ball, so we decided to really challenge the players by using this tonight.  We played a 4v4 game, with no goalkeepers, and 2 touch across the whole court.  The small ball caused a few problems at first, with players stepping over the ball rather than controlling it!  But, very quickly, the play was superb with some great passing and movement off the ball.  In such a short time, the girls have started to really get to grips with futsal, and are starting to use the building blocks every week in all they do.  The future is also looking very promising with these girls!

Well, that finished this first block of coaching to get the club up and running.  Coaches Suzy and Chris have been overwhelmed by the support they have already shown from players and parents, it has been simply amazing.  We start again on Sunday 7 January 2018, why not come along and find out what all the fuss is about!  We would love to see you!

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