In week 9 of the Academy we worked on moving the ball quickly to enable the players to get it forward as quick as possible.

We had a 20 x 15 metre rectangle with a player at each end and 2v2 in the middle and one floating player who played for whichever side was in possession.  The object of the session was to transfer the ball from one end to the other with as fewer touches and passes as possible.  At first, the girls kept coming short and trying to make as many passes as possible but after some coaching they realised they could take one touch to turn and then play long to the other end.  Alexia and Chloe J really moved the ball quick and used the spare player all the time.

The progression was to allow the end players to swap with a player in the middle when it was the right thing to do.  This caused some confusion but eventually the girls got it and started swapping.

We finished with a 5v3 game where the 3 got a goal for every 10 passes they made with losing possession, making the 5 close down quickly and try to win the ball back as quick as possible.  The 3 of Coach Chris, Denva and Chloe H worked very hard and by the end very nearly won.

The session finished with a photo shoot from a good friend of Coach Chris’s and Suzy’s, Gavin Foster.  At first, the girls were a bit shy but by the end the pictures are pretty spectacular and will be used in an upcoming promotion for Pro Coaching Academy.  We will show the images very soon, watch this space!

To see some more of Gavin Forster’s photographs of tonight’s session just click here.

Gavin Forster is a professional photographer from Newcastle.  He is available for all types of photography and you can see his work here:

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