This was the last indoor session of a long and very successful futsal season. Next week we are having a bit of laugh outside and then we have our annual presentations.

The girls were really challenged in the final week – they were only allow either 1 or 3 touches before passing or shooting. This is hard as they have to think what they are doing and what they want to do next – do I pass/shoot first time or move the ball and then pass? It took them a while but we got some great results in the end – just watch the videos!

The video clips were generated with the clubs brand new VEO camera. This will allow us to record the training sessions and any matches the girls play in, and show back what the girls did well and what needs work on. Note for the coach…remember to charge it before you arrive at the sports hall…so you may not be able to record the whole session….sorry groups one and four!

Final thoughts of a coach – That has been a long season but a record breaking one. More players, more sessions, highest attendance ever, more fun and many more smiles – couldn’t have asked for more!

I have really enjoyed watching the video back of two and half of the four sessions…should have been more but I forgot to charge the camera! It has allowed me to watch in detail what the players are doing. More important for me is it allows me to see if they understood what I was looking for. Nothing like watching the reaction of the players to see if your messages and ideas got across. I am happy to say, especially as this was a very hard session, the girls produced some fab play.

The ladies start their preseason on Friday, so no rest for the wicked. I can’t wait to see how the graduates from the U16s fit in with the team. We have had a few contacts from outside of the club interested in coming along so a very exciting season ahead I am sure for the ladies.

It has been extremely hard work but so very enjoyable. The next two weeks will be fun, so no need to think about coaching, more about enjoying the amazing players and parents we have at this club. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you!

Coach Chris

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