Let Kids BeThis post is not about football or futsal but about coaching and kids having fun.  The video is part of a campaign called Let Kids Be Kids, and asks the newly crowned Rugby World Cup Winners New Zealand about their early memories of playing sport.

Pro Coaching Academy coach Chris Collins has been verbally abused at matches by both parents and opposition coaches.  In conversation he said ‘As a parent and coach I am deeply disappointed at the behaviour of some parents and coaches.  I tell everyone winning is a bonus, every team loses, no-one wins forever.  That is one of the beauties of all sports, the best team doesn’t always win, and upsets and surprises happen.  Just look at some of the results in yesterdays 1st round of the FA Cup.  I ask my players to give 100%, to try their hardest and play with a smile on their faces, but above all else, to enjoy the game!  The result will be whatever the result is.’

He went on to say ‘If the children are not enjoying the practises we put on, they will not learn, they will not engage in what we are asking them to do and ultimately we are all wasting our time.  They are children – we must give them the opportunities to learn as children and if, in the end, we get the balance right between enjoyment and learning, we as coaches will ultimately create better footballers, but above all, better people.’

New Pro Coaching Academy coach Suzy Collins added ‘As adults we need to set a better example for the children, that sport is fun, and as long as you enjoy it, who cares about the result!  Children copy what they see and hear, and if we as adults act in an inappropriate way, the children will think that is acceptable.’

For more information on this campaign check the twitter feed #letthekidsbekids.

Are you a coach, a parent, or a player?  What do you think of the All Blacks video and the coaches’ comments?  Let us know what you think.

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