HeaderFutsal was back at Manor CE Academy after the half term break, albeit now on a Monday. No new girls joined but a Year 10 girl watched with some interest! With the girls we worked on their movement around the court, first on their own with a ball and then with a partner. Various gates of different sizes were placed randomly about the court and the girls were challenged to see how many they could run through and pass through in a minute.

We split the girls into three teams for the final matches and played five minutes with each team playing each other twice. With fewer players on the court, the girls got more time on the ball and were able to create some good passing moves and goal scoring situations.

The girls again asked if they had any matches arranged. Does anyone want to play them?

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

The boys welcomed three new Year 8’s, welcome Luke, Sam and Joel. We first worked with the boys on dribbling the ball through a series of gates before trying to score. The gates were at various locations about the court and we emphasised the pace we were looking for but also the control with the ball.

So the new players could get used to the game of Futsal we played a 20-minute match at the end. The teams were Mr Foster and the Year 9 boys against Chris & Suzy and the Year 8 boys. The game was very close with some fantastic finishing from both teams. The new players found Futsal hard work and unrelenting. When the ball goes out of play, there is no rest as it is back in play immediately. That said, they all enjoyed themselves and they said they would all be back next week.

Does anyone want to challenge either a Year 7/8 Girls team or 8/9 Boys team to a futsal match at Manor Academy? We have all the equipment required, all you need is 6 or 7 players, shin pads and indoor footwear.

Player of the Week was Rachel – she showed some great touches and in the final match scored a couple of great goals. We also found out afterwards that she has persuaded her parents to rearrange her violin lesson to another night so she can play Futsal on Mondays! Now that’s dedication!


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