The theme of this week was playing matches!  We have a lot of new girls this season who are yet to play a competitive futsal match, so we used these sessions to introduce them to more of the rules.  It was also good for the girls to get used to playing in their own age groups.

In the first hour we had one team of U10s and two teams of U12s with Katie and Kimberly as goalkeepers for the U12s.  Each team played each other twice in 8 minute matches.  We didn’t keep score, we just let them play and when it mattered or a good coaching point arose, we stopped the games and had a quick chat.

All the coaches were blown away by how good this first hour was!  The girls played some fantastic futsal and had no problems whatsoever with the rules and laws of the game.  Brilliant to watch, well done to all!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

We split the older group into one team of U14s and two teams of U16s.  Again we just let them play and coached only when absolutely necessary.  The speed of play and the physicality of the players was more than the first group, with some crunching tackles being made.  But, the coaches loved some of the one and two touch play, with one move from the U14s involved all the players using 1 touch and a brilliant finish to cap it off!

As with the first group, it was fantastic to watch, with both age groups looking very strong and we just can’t wait for January and hosting our own futsal tournament!

Player of the week for the First Hour was Katie J.  She only started futsal in September and the goal she scored today showed how much she has improved, pure power and and a finish, what determination to score!  Brilliant to watch and well done Katie!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Kimberly.  As someone who has played futsal at various levels for over 4 years, she doesn’t really know how good she could be!  Today she looked composed and calm when in possession and tackled like a demon!  Well played Kim!

We will be starting an advertising campaign for recruitment in the New Year.  Places across the various age groups are now very limited. Get in touch if you would like more information, and why not join one of the fastest growing girls only clubs in the area.

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