We started the session with a game in which the players could have as many touches as they wanted in their own half, but were limited to 2 touches in the opposition’s half, and had to finish with a 1 touch finish.  We explained that we wanted the players to build the attack in their own half and then be quick and decisive in the opposition’s!  We saw some great play with a couple of fantastic 1 touch moves!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

Next, we divided the court in half with discs from the edge of each D down the centre of the court.  The players could not cross this line of discs but the ball could.  Players had to go round each end of the discs to get to the other side.  If a player crossed the centre line, an indirect free kick was awarded to the opposition.  At first the players were confused as to how to play, but after a bit of coaching they worked out they were trying to make 2v1 and 3v2 overloads on either side of the discs.  When they achieved this, they had to attack quickly, so the defence could not get organised!

We loved the way the group worked out the half court session tonight, brilliant to watch!  More of the same next week please!

Player of the week was James H.  He has natural footballing ability which he is starting to apply to playing futsal.  He is one of the best strikers of the ball in the group and tonight scored a couple of fantastic goals!  Well played James!

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