The first session back after the half term break was Remembrance Sunday and both groups held a one minute silence in respect for all those who had fallen.  Every single player was silent for the whole minute and as coaches we couldn’t have been prouder of their amazing attitude.

We welcomed yet another new girl to futsal, welcome Emma, we hope you had a fantastic time and hope to see you again very soon!

The younger group concentrated this week on running with the ball.  They had to travel from one end zone to another, as many times as they could within one minute.  They had to make sure they kept the ball in the court at all times and stopped the ball in each end zone using the sole of their foot.

We then added cones as obstacles, which the girls couldn’t hit, and the coaches acted as passive defenders, just getting in the way of the girls.  Some great were techniques on display and every single girl improved over the session.

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

The older group concentrated on attacking with an overload.  Using the whole court, 3 players attacked one end of the court, against a goalkeeper and 2 defenders.  If the ball went out of play, 3 new attackers entered the court and attacked the same goal.  If the defenders managed to win the ball, they had 2 target goals to attack at the opposite end of the court.

We wanted the attacking players to be patient in possession, futsal is seen as a game that must be played at 100 miles an hour, and it really isn’t.  We coached the attackers to use the whole of the court, especially the depth and width, making sure they moved the defenders around.  We also made sure that none of the attacking players stood still, explaining they are much easier to defend if they stood in one place.  We saw some great goals and some really good composed, controlled and patient play, well done to all.

Player of the week for the First Hour was Holly.  We don’t know what Holly had eaten for breakfast but she was on fire today!  She never stopped running all session, and her control and passing were fantastic!  Keep this up Holly, great to watch!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Denva.  Since coming back to futsal at the start of this season, she has shown what a fantastic player she is.  We have high hopes for her and the game of futsal really does support her physical style.  England watch out, Denva is on her way!

We will be starting an advertising campaign for recruitment in the New Year.  Places across the various age groups are now very limited, with the U16s completely full.  Get in touch if you would like more information, and why not join one of the fastest growing clubs in the area!

On Saturday 17 November the girls will be involved in a professional photo shoot with the amazing company Club Legends.  Check back and see how it all went!  For more information on Club Legends click their logo on the left!

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