We welcomed back the Manor Futsal players after their half term break.  The session started with a passing cycle, that has been widely view on social media, of the French National Team warming up.  It looks very simple, until you come to try it.  The ball is passed from the outside to the inside and then back out again to the next player in the circle, while the passers swap places!  The idea is to try to do everything one touch and without getting in each others way.  We also varied the distance of the pass from about 5 metres to 1 metre.  Great fun to watch, and they all did very well.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We moved onto another passing session in which the players tried to keep the ball in a one metre square, using only one touch, but this time at pace.  Again, very simple to describe, but proved to be oh so much harder!

We played matches at the end were every minute each team rotated one of their players.  The player had to leave the court before the new player replaced them, meaning if one player took their time getting off the court, the opposition had an overload and advantage on the pitch.

Considering the players had played futsal for over two-week, they looked really sharp and the standard of play was very hard.  Thank you to everyone for their hard work, see you next week!

Player of the week was Issac.  He has really improved this season, his control and passing are so much better, and he scored a couple of cracking goals.  He tries really hard not to give the ball away needlessly and his composure on the ball is much better.  Well done Issac, keep on improving!

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