With the York marathon being held this weekend, congratulations to all who ran this, a few players were ‘stuck’ inside, so numbers were reduced. As it was the last session of the block, we asked the players to show us what they had with back-to-back 6-minute games.

Welcome to Ruby who came and tried futsal for the first time, we hope you had fun and look forward to welcoming you back very soon!

We also had yet another visitor with two players who were voted last year’s ladies’ young players of the season, Katie, and Kim. Both were back in York for the weekend, from their respective universities and dropped by to say hello! Needless to say, they really did inspire the players to show some amazing futsal.

A special mention to the 2nd group who have improved so much over the last 6 weeks, with every player showing huge steps in their futsal knowledge – well done to you all!

Click the image to download this weeks session plan

Players Of the Block

On Sunday we awarded the first age group players for the first block of the season:

U10s – Amelia H – She has improved so much, both with her passing and shooting, but it is her determination to win the ball back that has really impressed the coaches. She is happy to tackle and fight for the ball against girls twice her size – top job Amelia!

U12s – Emily C – A very new players to futsal but she hit the ground running and has never looked back. Improving her confidence and futsal knowledge week after week, she is an absolute delight to coach and one we can’t wait to work with over the coming months – great start to your futsal journey!

U14s – Lacy B – This is a young lady we have spoken about before – she has everything in her locker to be a very good futsal player. At the back end of last season, she wasn’t the player we expected, but over summer she has come back and is currently playing at her brilliant best, amazing to watch – keep this up and we really do have a serious player on our hands!

U16s – Millie T – I told this young lady I was seriously impressed about how she was progressing this term, and she didn’t believe me, she told me that she thought I said that to every player. Well, I hope she believes me now as she has been outstanding this term, really getting to grips with futsal and starting to really dominate games – hurry and grow, the ladies are waiting!

Final thoughts of a coach – As coaches we should never underestimate the impact senior players can have on the younger members in our club. We are fortunate to have a thriving lady’s team, who play in the FA National Futsal Series North, and who are determined to build a legacy in York to provide a pathway into this team for the younger players. Not only do they pose for photos, sign pictures, they also attend training and support the younger players. This week we had two more of the lady’s team turn up to training, Katie and Kim, and boy did the players respond! Kim has recently been selected to attend the England Women’s Futsal Talent ID days and you could see the faces of the younger players light up when she was on ‘their’ team! When these senior players are at training, there is a real buzz at the club, thank you to each any every one of you.

Good luck to Heather, Ava, Sophie, Katie V, Ruby, and Katie D who will attend the upcoming England Futsal U19s Talent Identification events later this year. Go have a blast, play without fear, and show everyone what amazing players you are!

I still have to pinch myself that in 7 years we have come from 4 girls with pop-up goals, into the club we are today, and now with the potential of an England Player in our squad, it doesn’t get much better, does it?

Thank you to all the players for their hard work this last 6 weeks – we are having a small break so I can catch up with all the other bits and pieces I am involved in. We will see you all again on Sunday 12 November for the run up to Christmas.

Coach Chris

And finally, a few pictures from today’s sessions:

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