Another week, and more fantastic play for all the age groups at Bootham Futsal Club.

Coach Alan started the younger group off with a pretty intensive warm up, involving plenty of running and changes of direction. We moved on to them doing an exercise with them with running with the ball. This involved them running, each with a ball, from one corner of the court to the opposite, through a set of cones in the middle. Everyone went when they wanted, with the idea being lots of confusion in the middle. We progressed this to changes of direction, defenders in and around the central square and challenges on keeping the ball close at all times.

We finished the session with some matches in which we challenged the players to run as much as they could with the ball. What was brilliant to see was so many of the players ran with the ball from all areas of the court, fantastic to watch!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

The older group did a passing combination as a warm up, making sure they use the sole of their foot for control and one touch whenever possible.

The main part of the session was picked up from Junior Roberti at York Futsal. It involves dividing the court in half with cones. The ball can cross the cones but the players can’t. The aim is for the players to try and manipulate an overload on one side of the court and then attack at pace. As this was the first time most of the girls had seen this, we were happy for them to just get used to the ideas of the game. That said, some the players really got to grips with the game and we saw some brilliant goals.

Another great week, with lots to look back on and smile about. Next week is the last one before the half term break, and we are hoping for it to be special. Fingers crossed everything works out for this Sunday! Check back next week to see what and if it happened!

Player of the week for the First Hour was Ella R – she is very new to futsal and took a few weeks to get used to the game but now is really starting to show she has all the attribute to be a good all round player. Keep it going Ella!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Kimberly – one of our longest serving members, she constantly uses the correct techniques at the right time. This week she started to slow the game down and make sure her side kept possession. Well done Kim, great to watch.

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