We welcomed yet another new player last week, welcome Travis, we hope you had fun!

After the warm up we did some 1v1s where the defender had to recover their position before they could get to the attacker.  We changed the position of the recovering defender to challenge them even more.  Finally we changed the session to be 2 attackers against 1 defender, all starting in a line.  Recovery runs are very hard work and everyone showed great attitude in these practices.

The main session was a team challenge, where one team had 4 players against 1 defender.  They had 4 balls to try to score as many goals as possible in the quickest time.  After each goal was scored, or the defender and goalkeeper cleared the ball out of play, the next ball started with the attacker’s goalkeeper and another defender entered the court.  This continued until all 4 defenders were on the court, making it a 4v4.  The time was recorded and the teams swapped round and tried to beat the time!  This is a great session as it tests both the attackers and the defenders.

For the first time tonight we mixed both the girls and the boys from the start of the session.  This allowed us to concentrate more on the technical parts of the game, the recovery runs and defending, in the first hour, and then use the full court for the game related practice in the second hour.  All the players did amazingly well for the whole 2 hours, and the effort they put in, on a very hot night in the gym, was outstanding.

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – on a very hot night she kept running all night and did some great work on the recovery runs, all the coaches were very impressed, well done Kimberly.

Click here to see some images from the latest futsal session at Manor CE Academy

Boys’ player of the week – Aidan – he has to be powered by batteries, as soon as he starts running, he just never stops!  Amazing  effort last night, very impressed and well deserved.

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