We welcomed another new girl this week, Nikki, who plays for Copmanthorpe in the City of York Girls’ Football League and is a defender/goalkeeper.  Welcome Nikki!

Nikki Academy

Tonight’s session was about creating and finding space in a tight area.  We set up a 20 x 20 metre square and played 4v4 with the idea of keeping the ball for as many touches as possible.  The challenge every time was at least 10 passes.  We then reduced the area to 15 x 15 and finally down to 10 x 10, making the first touch and the pass very important.  We also worked on the girls’ movement, once they had made a pass, making sure they didn’t stand still but moved to create another option.

We then played a full match but again in a restricted area, a much narrower pitch was used.  Extra goals were awarded for combination play or individual skills – step overs, one twos, etc.  Special mention goes to Alexia and Chloe J for their individual play and skills.

On a windy wet night, again, the girls all played brilliantly and their individual and team techniques are getting better week on week.

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