After a few weeks off for the Futsal National Finals and something called the World Cup, Come On England, Bootham Futsal Club were back in training.

We moved to a different venue tonight and boy was it good.  Plenty of light and loads of space, please can we stay there each week?!  First up were the little one.  Quite a few were away, so we got back into just playing some matches, no coaching, just got down to playing the game!  What amazed us was how well they looked to pass the ball, from the youngest player, their first thought was can I pass the ball?  We love the way that they don’t need reminding, just did it!  Brilliant and a really enjoyable session.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We started the older group with a simple passing drill, getting them to move towards the ball when they receive a pass, creating an angle to pass it forward.  This is not as easy as it looks and more work needed on this as we go forward.

They then played a restricted match, in which both teams were restricted to 2 touch, until they made a pass into the oppositions end zone, then that teams restrictions were removed.  When a goal was scored, both teams went back to 2 touch.  The girls worked really hard and some fantastic performances from new girls Mia and Charlie, really worked hard in what is still a very new sport for them.

Next week is the last one before the summer break.  Coaches Suzy and Chris need a break to recharge after what has been a very long football and futsal season.  Also we will be starting earlier, just in case England get to the World Cup final….

Player of the week for the Younger Group was Molly.  She is just a bundle of energy, never stops running, or talking, but last night she scored goal after goal, and ran Coach Chris ragged!  Fab performance, well done Molly!

Player of the week for the Older Group was Hannah.  She is just getting better and better every time she plays.  Her control and passing are improving each session and she works so hard each week.  Fab work, well done Hannah!

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