Week 2 started with us welcoming 4 new players, huge welcome to Katie J, Anna, Emma and Eleanor!

The first group started with some keep ball, playing 1v1 all over the court.  We asked them to be brave when on the ball and try to not move, making sure they out their body between themselves and the ball.  If they felt they were losing the ball, then they had to move and regain their composure.

We moved on to a 1v1 and 2v2 games in which one player tried to score into a small goal.  When a goal was scored or the ball went dead, both players raced back to get another ball, whoever got there first attacked the same goal.  This is hard work and the players did brilliantly to keep going, great to watch.

We finished the session by playing some 5v5 games on the full court.  The players worked really hard and scored some great goals.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The second group started with a fun warm up, the smiles on the players showed how much they enjoyed it, have a look at the photographs in the link above.

We went straight into playing some 3v3 games across the court.  We wanted the players to get back into the habits of recovery and support.  Players are so used to playing football, and set positions, they forget that futsal is very much a rotation game.  Also, if one player didn’t work and recover, it put their team always at a disadvantage.

We finished with some full court 5v5 games, in which the players tried to play the game at 100 miles an hour!  During a short break, we talked about slowing the game down and working on when to play fast, and when to just move the ball around the court, waiting for the right opportunity to attack.  There were some good play, even though the players were rusty from a the summer break.  Lots of futsal potential in this second group!

We are so overwhelmed by the support from parents and players we have at the moment, we are so close to having to run a 3rd hour.  If you are interested in join, please get in touch NOW, as we will soon be full at each age group!

Player of the week for the First Hour was Freya.  She won this award for really looking after one of the new girls, making sure they got lots of passes and chance to try futsal, brilliant to watch and a lovely gesture.  Fantastic Freya!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Lily C.  In the 3v3 matches and full court games she was one of the only players that consistently used the whole width and length of the court when her team was in possession.  Great start to the season Lily, keep it going!

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