This picture says everything Bootham Futsal Club is all about.

We were contacted a week ago by a parent, who asked if her 8-year-old daughter, Anna, could come and try futsal.  She said she loves football but is very shy and mom wasn’t sure if she would manage it.

Head coach Chris said not to worry, and we asked one of the oldest members, Katie, if she would take extra special care of Anna.

Katie spent the whole session chaperoning Anna, making sure she felt welcome, had fun, but above all else, felt safe.

Well, needless to say, Anna had a fantastic time, and has just become our youngest member.  Huge thank you to Katie for going far beyond what was asked of her, and a huge welcome to Anna!

We pride ourselves at Bootham Futsal Club on making everyone welcome, regardless of ability, and we do our utmost within the club to make sure everyone is made to feel extra safe.

We are more than just a futsal club…

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