After what seems like forever, we got back to training with all our amazing academy players. The temperature has really dropped outside but the futsal inside was red hot! Sometimes it takes a week or so for the players to get back into their stride but not today, they were flying!

We had a new girl come and try futsal for the first time – welcome Connie – we hope you had fun and look forward to welcoming you again very soon!

This is a session we have done before and it’s not easy. Normal game, with each outfield player having a cone. Once they complete a pass, they drop their cone. before they can score all their team’s cones must be on the floor. If they lose possession, they must pick up a cone before they can tackle or intercept the oppositions. If they tackle without a cone, the whole team must run round their own goal before they are back in possession. The best part of today, not one player complained about running, or the cones, they just played and produced some fab futsal.

Special mention to Coach Paul for a fab warm up – the girls were laughing, running hard and generally having run – one group just wanted to do the warmup for the whole session! I would say that’s a big success!

Click the image below to download this weeks session plan

Notable Players of the Session

1st Session – Raya S – a recent mascot for the ladies’ game, she must have been inspired as she came out all guns firing this morning – running, tackling and working her socks off – fab performance!

2nd Session – Imogen B – a seriously smart player who got the session straight away and produced some fantastic futsal – top performance from a top player!

3rd Hour – Molly G – the toe-poke queen was at it again, smashing in goal after goal – love her attitude and the way she hardly ever misses!

4th Hour – Heather S – this young lady was on fire, trying to take off Coach Paul’s head on two occasions with fierce shots, and running her socks off the rest of the time.

Final thoughts of a coach – With the development of the ladies team, I am finding myself watching the academy players in a different light. I am now constantly, rightly, or wrongly, looking at players and wondering if they will make the step up to the national league. I am uneasy with this, as the fundamental purpose of the club was to keep females, regardless of ability, involved in sport for as long as possible. The step to national league is huge, and players develop at different times and rates throughout their own personal journey. I guess all I can do is support them best I can, provide the encouragement and guidance any good coach should and the future will look after itself.

The session today was not easy but boy did the players hammer it! Every group, in their own different ways did fantastically well to getting a positive outcome. Special pat on the back to Maygen, Ellie, and Maja for playing the session with 3 players – something they decided on and worked out for themselves both the advantages and disadvantages before playing, amazing to watch!

I was a bit apprehensive coming back this morning, I always am, after a break, but safe to say, I had a blast, thank you to the players and parents for your ongoing amazing support.

Coach Chris

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