After what seemed like forever, we were finally back coaching futsal to our amazing groups of girls. Only 3 sessions today as the U12s played a friendly against a new futsal side from Hull.

Today we worked on support play today with all the extra players acting as support players on the edge of the court. First the players could go where they wanted, any position on the edge of the court. Next the support players could only be in the oppositions half and finally they were in their own half – we discussed with the girls why the different positions and how this could help them when they had the ball. It was a slow start after the easter break but by the end of each session we had some great understanding and some good play from so many! It was so good to be back!

Notable Players of the Session

1st Session – Lily N – what can we say about this young lady! She is strong, tenacious, determined and can’t half play. Still new to futsal, she is showing all the right attributes and boy we can’t wait! Top job Lilly!

2nd Session – Beth F – We were really impressed by how hard Beth worked today, she is improving week on week and today she really did look the part! Her passing and movement were good and she never once stopped running. Top job Beth, keep up this fab attitude!

3rd Hour – Maygen M – back to her brilliant best after the Easter break! She passed the ball well, recovered and best of all worked hard in and out of possession. On her day, she is unplayable, just needs to learn to be more consistent, but today was her day!

Final thoughts of a coach – It was good to be back after the long Easter break, the longest break we ever had at this time of year, but with parents going away it made sense to stop for a while.

The game we held this Sunday, see the separate post tomorrow on the match, was interesting to watch, and yes for once I was able to sit and watch the match properly, with Paul and Ava overseeing the team. We had lots of different players who don’t usually train together, didn’t really know each other and how they played. What I absolutely loved was players passed the ball to everyone, there was no-one hogging the ball, everyone trusted each other and best of all, they played as a team. I am a massive advocate on winning really does not matter. Everyone gets equal playing time; we mix up the line-ups, so they get used to playing with different people and we always finish with a positive message. This week, the message was how well the team had played together – yes there were some stand out performers, there always are, but the group showed how you are better as a team rather than individuals. Well done every one of them, you represented the club in the best possible way.

The picture below is of 3 of our talents U14 players, Heidi, Erin and Hattie, all mad Man Utd fans! They all went to watch the FA Cup semi-final game against Chelsea, after they had trained of course. I hope you had a fab day and I’m sure you will tell me all about it when you get back next week…. aren’t I the lucky one!!!

Coach Chris

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