Final session in St Peters sports hall before the GSCE’s exams take over and we get relocated over the road to St Olave’s. With that in mind, we went out with a bang and played as much game-based futsal as possible!

We had one new girl come and try futsal for the first time – welcome Erin – we hope you had fun and look forward to welcoming you again very soon!

It occurred to the coaches we were asking players to set up in certain ways in games but had never really shown them what we were talking about! So, today we put that right! We worked on in and out of possession with the girls for kick-ins, corners, and resorts from the goalkeeper. We stopped and had a chat when the ball left the court, asked the players where they should start from, why this was effective and how it made looking after the ball easier. We keep asking the girls to look after the ball, to work very hard to not give it away easily, and today was taking this that little bit further. So much great understanding and repetition from all the players, great to watch them.

Notable Players of the Session

1st Session – Beth R – She has improved so much in all her futsal skills but today her tackling and interceptions were as good as anyone in the session…now just to get her running with the ball! Top job, well played Beth!

2nd Session – Isabelle S – One of the girls who has everything in her locker to become a fab futsal player. She is a delight to coach, always listens, extremely polite, and hates losing. She showed great teamwork today and scored a couple of cracking goals – fab players, well done Izzy!

3rd Hour – Amie S – another one of the very much improved this season, Amy is fast becoming the 2nd post Queen with her late runs! She has scored so many goals this season in matches and training from this position, so good to watch. A great session from one to watch, awesome Amie!

4th Hour – Megan G – I honestly wouldn’t be a goalkeeper, especially in futsal, but Megan does it without hesitation. She took a blow right in the face and just carried one, no drama, just part of the job. She will be 16 over summer and training with the ladies and hopefully a 1st team appearance to come next season!

Final thoughts of a coach – Ava asked this week if she could deliver a session to the oldest group to help her with her college course – yes of course I said. So, on Sunday I sat back, took out the camera and watched and listened to Ava deliver a full hours. I was greatly impressed but the thought and planning that had gone into the session, it flowed really well, and the players enjoyed themselves.

The club is so proud of Ava, she started with us 4 years ago and has rarely missed a session. She progressed through the various age groups and last season made her debut with the ladies’ team. This season she continued her progress with the ladies’ team and scored her first senior goals as well. The highlight from this season is her trailing and continuing training with the new England U19 side, something she deserves. It is always interesting to watch the faces off the younger players when we tell them about Ava’s achievements, they really do switch on and listen. The club will continue to support Ava run both her playing and coaching journey and who know she might to the first ever to wear that exclusive England Futsal Shirt….

This block of coaching is always the lowest attendance with football tournaments, the end of the football season, GSCE exams and family holidays. We are still getting a steady request for new players, and we will continue to offer futsal, regardless of the numbers, just must be adaptable with your session. Stay safe everyone and keep the futsal flag flying high!

Coach Chris

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