With a beach tournament going on today we had reduced numbers, but it didn’t stop those you came given 110%. Special well done to the last group who played 4v4 for nearly an hour and worked their socks off, amazing attitude and even asked me to make the pitch bigger for the final 10minutes!

This block of work will be on transitions, so we started with a 1v1 on half a court and progressed this to a 2v2. We asked the players to think about first touch, where the space could be and did they need to beat the defender before shooting? We then moved to a 2v2 but one of the defenders had to run round a cone first before they were in the game. This allowed the attackers a short period of time to capitalise on their overload. We looked at the direction of play, how important the first touch was and why it was important to finish the attack.

Notable Players of the Session

1st Session – Ivy A – Throughout the whole session Ivy really tried to use the sole of her foot to control the ball. She worked so hard and, in the end, got her goal which she truly deserved. Top display for one of the most improved players in the club!

2nd Session –Imogen B – This young lady is a proven goal scorer, she has no hesitation in going for goal, and 9 time out of ten she either scores or makes the goalkeeper work. A top player who always works her socks off! One for the ladies, we think so!

3rd Hour – Connie W – Today she was a constant threat with her movement and shooting. It didn’t always work, but she never once gave up and kept going all through the sessions. Very impressed and looked the player we know she can be!

4th Hour – Ava G – one of the most coachable players in the club. Always looking to be better, always looking to improve and listens to every word the coach says. Add on to that she rarely gives the ball away and you have a star for the future! Keep going Ava, the ladies team are watching!

Final thoughts of a coach – the last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind after the ladies’ success. I have never received so many messages from coaches, players and friends congratulating us on the win. I have never been part of a national winning team before, not sure what to think at times, but I guess enjoy the moment as they don’t come round very often.

So, what next, what about the future? The ladies want to push for promotion next season, and for that do we need to strengthen the squad? I have already received several messages asking about upcoming trials, and yes, we will look at these players, but my thoughts are more to do with promoting the players from within the club.

I sat and watched some of the play today from all four age groups and I must be honest, I was impressed by the desire and attitude of so many. The first group have improved so much this year, their passing and touch was fantastic today. The second group, really do work as a team, they help everyone and score some stunning goals. The last 2 groups are showing me that they really want to play for the ladies, they are listening to what we say, trying to change their bad habits and be more consistent with what they do.

Yes, I know that not all the players will make the ladies team, in fact most wont, but that should not stop us from pushing them to be the very best they can be. We know within the next 2 years we will have another group of players who will want to be serious contenders, and for that I am eternally grateful. It seems a very long way from that first ever game against Cheshire in Warrington, but the future is bright, in fact, extremely bright, I just can’t wait….

Coach Chris

Here are some images from today’s sessions:

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